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OMPHNEWS edition 3

10th & 11th February

Last weekend peninsula auction schedule produced the goods for vendors and purchases.  Vicki Sayers of RT Edgar Flinders sold a lovely Shoreham property for $1.26M; right in the sweet spot for Shoreham’s median house price.  Grant McConnell of Hocking Stuart; sold 1-7 Burrell Street McCrea for $2.45M to a local developer, we’ll see two or three new houses spring up on that site; only 200meters to the beach he’s done well.  Terry Sparks tried in vain to get a reasonable bid for 35 Matong Road in Mount Eliza without joy. A healthy crowd turned out and hopeful of fierce competition and a sale; it was a flop, one genuine bid of $1.4M, more prodding and the property was passed in on a vendor bid of $1.5M. 

What’s going on with 122 Baden Powell Drive Mount Eliza? This home been advertised for auction 4 times since last November and each time it’s either been postponed, cancelled or simply disappeared off the realestate app.  It’s advertised again for auction on February 24th; this could be a genius piece of realestate marketing or a case of the tail wagging the dog.

We’ll see more auction action this weekend; 24 scheduled; and a few crackers have grabbed our attention.

4A Bath Street Mornington RT EDGAR 
Looks like a ripper of a pad. Going to auction on Saturday @ 1:30PM with an expectation of $1.6M – $1.75M

1 Wattle Grove Portsea KAY & BURTON

Love Portsea auctions; Sunday 1:30PM followed by high tea. $1.6M – $1.76M we’ll cover this one just to have a sticky beak.

safety Beach1
10 Milparinka Street Safety Beach YPA ESTATE AGENTS 

Not is the same league but an interesting prospect for Safety Beach buyers. Expecting $770K – $845K it looks a good buy for retirees or downsizers.
Saturday 1:00PM

There’s approximately 1178 Peninsula homes for sale with 24 scheduled auctions.  For sale and auctions this weekend on the peninsula. 

After a sluggish start to 2018; listings are improving and in the past few weeks we’ve seen excellent properties pop up.  Our current pick is 5 Irvine Avenue Mount Martha, marketed by Marcus Gollings of McEwing Partners; this property holds historical significance as one Mount Martha’s most notable homes.  Currently on the market for $3.9M – $4.29M it’s something very special. 

Wishing all agents, vendors and buyers all the best this weekend.



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