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OMPHNEWS Edition 4

Only Mornington Peninsula Homes (OMPH)

5/94 Beleura Hill Road Mornington
Sold $593K” Bowman & Company
Bear Bowman strutted his stuff for a non descript 2-bedroom unit on Beleura Hill Road in Mornington. In need of a face lift but the location is a ripper. Less than a soft pitching wedge to the local shops, sporting a new pizza takeaway who, according to sources, make the largest and tastiest in the area and Main Street Shopping and Mills Beach a short 5min drive away.  He kicked off with an opening bid of $500K and shuffling around the driveway; “leading to the secure lock up garage”;  like a middle aged boggy woogie man at the local country line dancing competition he extracted a further 20 bids to $575K before declaring the unit on the market.  3 bidders locked horns and 7 bids later he knocked it down for $593K.  Credit where credit’s due; Rob did a great job; the auction was fast, well timed and entertaining; I had the tunes of “Achy Breaky Heart” jigging in my mind and noticed my left RM William boot tapping away and thought strike me lucky; I dig this county music vibe. In the end a win/win result for the vendor and the new owner. 12 years ago, $593K would have bought you a quality 4-bedroom home on 2/3rds Acre in the Woodlands of Mount Eliza wow how times have changed.

3 Snow Gum Walk Mornington
PASSED IN VENDOR BID $780K Conely Luff Real Estate
3 Snow Gum Walk Mornington was always going to be a tough sell. Marketed at $800K – $860K, optimistic?  A nice suburban home and one of the better representing this pocket of Mornington; but not ready for these prices just yet. Reality hit home on Saturday, the auctioneer did his best to put on a show, unfortunately he was plying his trade for most of the neighbours without a genuine buyer in sight.  3 vendors bids from $750K – $780K ; not a peep from any of the 30 standing in the backyard.  According to the auctioneer the property is worth $800K + any day of the week;  the market says otherwise my friend.

4A Bath Street Mornington
RT Edgar Flinders
The auction of 4A bath Street Mornington was a who’s who of the Mornington realestate fraternity.  I counted at least 6 undercover agents from various Mornington real estate brands hovering around in dark sunglasses doing their best to be seen but not noticed, or noticed but not seen, I honestly couldn’t figure out what they were trying to do.  A cavalcade of the beautiful people turned out, locals from Bath and Morrell Street and plenty in their board shorts, thongs with dogs held on tight leads.  It was a great crowd; close to 70; and it had the feel of the Glen Maxwells’ about it.   RT Edgar auctioneer, Paul Armstrong, was primed for the big dance and his enthusiasm for the property was mentioned more times than my HB4 grey led could scribble such a tricky word to spell, I shouldn’t complain it used to be enthousiasmos, try spelling that correctly or saying it really fast three times. Paul got the bidding underway, but alas no bids. He chucked in a vendor bid of $1.5M and asked for $10K rises, not a whimper,  the home was passed in, the undercover agents passed on and the beautiful people headed to Main Street for a Pims and a debrief.  Considering the energy, the quality and location of the property and the number of people who showed up it was a tad surprising.  Vicki Sayers; the managing agent from RT Edgar is currently negotiating with a number of parties and is confident of a successful sale shortly.

Boorana Street
11 Baroona Street Mornington
For Sale McEwing Partners $2.55M – $2.75M
After the auctions I caught up with Dean and Marcus from McEwing Partners at 11 Baroona Street Mornington; just up the road from Bath Street.  This joint is a classic for the those with a sense of the classic.  Like a beautiful 1951 Mercedes Benz Type 300; she’s a head turner taking a bold position on Beleura Hill where the views across the shallows to the harbour makes this pocket of Mornington so treasured. She has history. One of the original homes built in the area, once part of a larger parcel where two brothers held sway over the land.  After an interesting sub division one brother built this stately manor back in the 1950’s on 1406sqm and it’s the only one in the area that doesn’t have the 1 property caveat attached.  So yeah you could sub divide, but hopefully seek the alternative. The large backyard is perfect for a studio, in laws apartment and or an inground pool. Worse case you buy the home for around $2.75M; kick back soak up the prestige and sell it in 5 years and double your dough.

7 Criagrossie Road in Mornington
For Sale McEwing Partners $2.35M – $2.585M
7 Criagrossie Road in Mornington another of McEwing&Partner properties.  It does have a touch of the special, the outlooks are amazing as one would expect with its location and the gardens speak of a home that’s been loved.  The price point reflects the homes status and position.  11 Baroona is a different style of property although the two sit very close in location.  Most agree that internal cosmetic adjustments will make a big difference, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of flying long haul with United Airlines; served by the “senior” flight attendants;  before the carrier went bust; you’d have witness the marvels of cosmetic adjustments; Aside from a little internal make over, and who doesn’t want to put their own stamp and personalities into their new home;  you just can’t find this type of outlook and the address ensures she’s worth the investment.

18 Rutland Avenue Mount Eliza
For Sale Hocking Stuart $1.48M – $1.58M 
18 Rutland Avenue Mount Eliza is a representation of the area, built and styled in Ranelagh Estate tradition.  High ceilings opens the homes easy floorplan, finished in a high key palette; the home is awash with white tone right though to the plantation shutters.  Set at the bottom end of the avenue; close to the water, it’s attracting attention from new Mount Eliza inductees coming from further up the bay Mentone and Parkdale.  Marketed by Belinda Jones and Bill Joycey of Hocking Stuart and priced at $1.480M – $1.580M it holds good appeal for a younger family or those looking for a low maintenance alternative in Mount Eliza.

The market heats up this coming weekend with 37 scheduled properties up for auction, returning to the volumes seen in the later part of last year.  Going to auction is still a valuable way to sell your home; with stats indicating around 60% of auctioned properties exceed the expected price range. Competition and emotion are powerful influences.  Just a quick line to wish Belinda and Bill from Hocking Stuart all the best with 122 Baden Powell Drive Mt. Eliza.  The poor buggers have postponed the auction 4 times since prior to Christmas all over the height of a pool fence.  Thankfully we understand this has now been resolved and the home can go to auction of Saturday without any section 32 issues.  Its been a difficult campaign but according to neighbours; who’ve witnessed the blow back; Belinda and Bill have done an excellent job managing the expectations for genuine buyers, fingers crossed for a positive outcome on Saturday.

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