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Wedged between Dromana and Rosebud; McCrae is a popular holiday destination; experiencing a sustained growth in residential turnover.  Over the past 12 months McCrae property listings have steadily increased along with the median house price, now sitting at a healthy $775K higher than neighbouring Dromana and 40% higher than Rosebud.  McCrae is a sleeping giant; older styled homes are being developed and a scarcity of vacant land has meant the character of McCrae has maintained its authenticity.  30+ listings are common, and stock doesn’t stay around for long.  McCrae is an excellent investment opportunity for either permanent or holiday living.

$1,000,000 - $2,000,000

 A builders own home so you know its been done with absolute attention to detail.  5 Bedrooms, 3 baths; glassed framed decking taking in elevated views across Port Philip Bay.  A large land holding of approx 1363sqm the home includes a 3 person internal lift.  A stunning piece of McCrae real estate for under $2,000,000.  Contact Monica Paige of YPA Estate Agents on 0416 255 713.

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