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Ask a resident of Frankston South where they live; they tell you Frankston before emphasising the “SOUTH”. Frankston South people are proud of their slice of the peninsula pie.  There’s a rift between them and the locals of Frankston and Mount Eliza; its unspoken and not readily admitted, but when you’ve lived in the area long enough you know it’s real. 

Frankston South is an established burb; prestigious homes sprinkled with units and smaller holdings that sully the median house price.  You’ll be looking closer to $1M – $1.5M for a substantial family home.

The local primary schools and sporting clubs are excellent, there’s a strong community vibe, you can see the folks are house proud. There’s a healthy real estate market and like much of the peninsula it’s become a place where you live for property return as much as lifestyle. The demographic is mainly professionals with families and an excellent option for long term living.

$1,000,000 - $2,000,000

Recently renovated luxury Frankston South living.  The property includes 4 bedrooms, plus a study, 4 bathrooms, pool and designed for entertaining.  The renovation has created a stylish and sophisticated home; technology savvy and ready to move in and just love this exclusive part of the peninsula.  For sale through BELMAR Real Estate for $1,300,000 – $1,400,000.

Contact Raffela Del Mastro on 0428 235 627 

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