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A connection to origin, to land, to sea, to wind; it’s a journey without knowing why. The forever pursuit, we hope; one day; without notice; reveals itself and life and romance make sense.

Time spent with those we love; with those we’re connected too and those we want to connect with. Telling stories, passing down tales of lives lived; reflecting on the when, the who with and where.

The table laden with food and wine; the kitchen filled with noise; the open fire cracking and bright; walks along the wet sand in winter, wind whipping off the open sea, scarf flowing against the squall, gentle mist settling on your hair, locked in deep conversation as your shoes imprint the granules beneath your feet, looking back in wonder at how far you’ve walked without thinking of distance.

Summers spent observing, teaching, watching the play; inventing, savouring a sunset a warm breeze gently massaging your face, the smell of the salt air. Hearing laughter, not caring where from, just grateful for its interruption.

A daughter, her head resting on her father’s shoulder, a son curled on the couch secretly watching his mother’s movement; a boy with his pop making hotdogs for all; you stand; static without an eyelid blinking and know your journey now makes sense.

 Memories of our deeds, of what we provide; of who we are endure in others.  Memories create the legacy; a legacy worth continuing.

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