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Athurs Seat is the highest point on the peninsula, taking a protective and linkage vantage point across the district.  One of the oldest areas, settled by the Purves family, she is home to the regions famous chair lift, several wineries, the enchanted maze, pig & whistle hotel and beautiful open gardens. Steeped in historical significance, Arthurs Seat is a day trippers dream.

Sea and tree changes are moving to the area for the lifestyle; but property is tightly held.  Arthurs Seat has a median house price of $1.16M, stock is limited; you’ll need to keep your eyes open to find what you’re looking for.

$5,000,000 PLUS

Some properties fit your needs like a glove and fit your wants with a passion.  The extraordinary piece of the Mornington Peninsula welcomes commercial enterprise or your own privacy with the same level of luxury and investment prospect.  Ideally suited to those with a passion for horses, the facilities are world class on this working peninsula farm holding.

Internal luxury defines the property.  From the designer kitchen to the feature bathrooms, generous bedrooms and open light and warm living spaces the owners have ensured each section of the grand residence is fitted with the very best appointment available. In homes of this size flow is important and the floorplan is a piece of functional art. 

An indoor pool and outdoor full sized tennis court are a just a few of the features that separates this home from the average.  Built into the landscape each room embraces the natural surroundings maximising the outlooks over the 51 lush acres.  The acreage supports one of the finest equestrian facilities on the peninsula. 

For those with the horse blood running through their veins you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that matches the marriage of luxury and enterprise anywhere in the region.

For sale through Paton Real Estate Balnarring.  Contact Howard Cleine on 0419 559 042

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