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48 Hunts Road Teurong

Tuerong is just a short canter from the vibrancy of Mornington, only a small populous but a highly inventive one pursuing the arts of horse breeding, cattle farming, grape growing and wine making.  Steeped in agricultural distinction somehow it maintained its aloofness from the peninsula’s more recognised brands.  48 Hunts Road Tuerong.  When you know about horses and I don’t mean the ones that tear around the turf at Flemington sucking you into a game of Russian Roulette; but the elegant world of equestrian, where pedigree is seen in the plaited mane and upright tails of horses who know they’re the best, you’ll fall in love with this incredible property.

Set on 11 bore watered acres; the vivid greenery intersected by fenced paddocks creates a view of converging lines crisscrossing lush undulating terrain all the way to the rear of the of property. Along the main homestead; traditional Mediterranean plantings work tunefully with the dwellings Tuscan design; the external pictorial, matched internally where tasteful colour palettes are skilfully introduced. The kitchen has a bit of Shirley Bassey about it; Earthy tones, lime, timbre, surrounding the shadowy double free-standing oven; Oh! what a heart. You just want to get on with cooking and extracting the corks from the best cellared vintages. Although the homes footprint is large the floorplan is friendly. The home’s owner; Mrs Felicity Wischer; speaks of the rooms, upstairs and down, private yet connected, there’s no need to text your children to let them know dinner is ready; conversation can flow or alternatively when you need your own space; there’s a room just right for that time too. Her favourite is the formal lounge, a winters afternoon haven where keeping the open fire burning through the colder months is a non-negotiable. After a days riding settling into the sounds of crackling wood; knowing her steed is fed, watered and blissfully tender from his workout is a treat that keeps on giving. The landscaped gardens around the pool, provide just the right mix of colour, scent and grassed spaces. Large enough for a game of backyard cricket on Christmas day; where dads and uncles bowling off a long run, glass of local Pinot in  hand somehow have learnt to commentate in Rastafarian. The 12-year-old nephew tapping his bat on the crease wondering if uncle Allen will ever bowl so he can hook a flyer into the pool and watch his cousins leap for a KFC classic catch whilst performing an 8/10 belly flop.

The property is for those who know how to make it work for them.  Stylish for the sophisticated taste; friendly for the those who crave the company and peaceful for the melancholy to connect with the land; their books and the vegi garden. The home will set you back around $4M however you just can’t buy this style of property in this location without digging into the glovebox of your Jaguar.

Marketed by Tom Barr Smith and Meg Pell from Kay & Burton it’s the perfect long term residence. Give Tom a call 0438 368 020


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