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I’ve read a few articles about this Peninsula property and figured it was about time I sussed it out for myself.  Most drive past it on our way from Balnarring to Flinders; gazing out the window, pondering what’s behind the big driveway gates; until we hear the car tyres searching for grip on the gravel, prompting a quick reality check and steering correction to get us back on the black stuff.  I made a few calls and got the invite to head down and have a look around.

There’s a touch of the Downtown Abby as you drive up the tree lined entrance; to the front courtyard. You see yourself; top hat and tails or perhaps in your hunting jacket, jodhpurs and riding boots, crop in one hand the other outstretched supporting your beautiful; as she alights the carriage drawn by 4 black Arabian stallions, or maybe that’s just me; but a car does seem somewhat out of place within its old world Charles Dickens, charm.

Pasadera is more than one of the most impressive properties on the peninsula. The dwellings and grounds literally radiate having a profound influence on all who visit. Now the home is impressive and its recent history is worth mentioning.  Forged by a man named Bill (surname withheld), a character and a gentleman; and the masterful instincts of the property owner Mr. Rusty French. Many would know Rusty, he owns and operates Skye Sands; and is best known for his achievements in motor sport. Most comfortable having a coffee at the local café in Pearcedale; Rusty needed somebody to care for the property and found his custodian and now close confidant; sitting on a council mower, cutting back the weeds from Mornington Tyabb Road. Observing Bill for a few weeks Rusty decided “That man is a good mower”; “he needs to work for me!” Using the lure of a new John Deere; Rusty approached Bill with the prospect of leaving the council and taking up the caretakers position at Pasadera. According to Bill the John Deere was a big incentive but he didn’t fall over with his legs in the air; Rusty had to put in a bit of work to get him over the line. After a robust negotiation, it was agreed, Bill would receive accommodation, money for grub, a tank of fuel a week for his ute, beer rations of two cans, per day and the unwritten covenant of being left alone to do his work.


That was five years ago and now Bill, a single lad pushing 70, lives on the property, in the caretakers’ house, and tends to the upkeep of 115 acres of horse paddocks, orchards and vineyard as if he was navigating his own child through adolescence. Under his watch the grape harvest has doubled, the grounds are immaculate, the flora and fauna are alive, well-watered and thriving. Now single ladies before you make your booking at Brazilian Butterfly he isn’t the type you’ll find on Elite Singles Dating App; comfortable in his blundstone boots, footy socks, tradie shorts and flannel with his worn plastic ciggy case popping its head out of his top pocket, he’s very content in his own company. Sure, in his mind he’s a looker; he’s got an exceptional eye for horse flesh, a sharp mind, and can spot a pest from a mile away, but he’s the reclusive type, tending the horses and sitting on his old rocker enjoying an evening stubbie.

Since Rusty plucked Bill off the council mower, trust; the kindness of men who’ve lived life on their terms and an uncompromising care for the place has seen the lads fashion a property of significant importance to the Mornington Peninsula.

Pasadera is up for sale and from a practical standpoint, it awaits those with the entrepreneurial spirit. If you think the main house is inspiring the commercial applications are limitless.  There’s opportunity to expand the already bountiful vine capacity, converting the stables into a cellar door/restaurant; grassed areas; tailormade for dining marquees, parties and weddings.  If living on site; is not on your radar the scope for a corporate retreat, upmarket hotel and winery or equestrian enterprise is mind blowing; you can even land a helicopter on the front lawn.  Most won’t see the scene from a Charles Dickens novel, but those with a commercial drive should take note; this is a special place where between Bill and Rusty the spirit is there; you just need to pick up the ball and take a throw at the stumps.


For sale through RT Edgar Flinders; priced between $13.75M – $15M.

7 Bedrooms 
6 Bathrooms 
Inground Pool 
Tennis Court 
Huge Barn 
14 Acres of established vines 
115 Acres 


Plenty of quality premium peninsula property still for sale.  Our tiles below feature some of the areas best buys. 

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