Mixed results; 2 of the scheduled auctions are yet to record an outcome; 8 passed in and 7 successfully sold.  It was a small sample size and hard to put a line through recent city commentary.  Entry level stock; under $750,000 is selling and premium property above $2,000,000 is continuing to out perform expectations. Agents are reporting healthy sales at the premium end of the market.  Marcus Gollings of McEwing Partners in Mornington; got a deal done on 19 Webbs Lane Somerville for north of $4million and the agency has had a solid month of premium property sales. 

In sporting parlay it was a grinding win; full of effort, attitude and unwavering belief. Going to auctions every weekend, you learn which auctioneers are the real performers, the ones that want to win, the ones who love the stage, love the competition and have that edge; the “close the deal” instinct to finish the job.   

The Mother’s Day Auction of 74 Shoreham Road Red Hill was a 3200meter staying race; not a quick bolt for cash down the Flemington straight.  Andrew Hines of Kay & Burton opened the auction with a vendor bid of $2,500,000 and the punters came, not in waves, not in speed but slowly, jostling for position with nobody wanting to face the wind. 3 bidders; 2 genuine and 1 wearing a bad disguise as a legitimate buyer traded the first 7 bids edging the property to $2,560,000 before silence feel.  Andrew referred to the vendors, as he would again and then again. Returning he advised the crowd, a good crowd, that he would be dealing with the highest bidder if the property didn’t reach reserve.  2 more bids of $10,000 each before a 3rd bidder entered at $2,585,000. 3 further bids and the property was at $2,620,000, Andrew refereed to the vendors for the 2nd time.  You could tell he wasn’t going to roll over and pass in; he knew the property was a winner he just needed to squeeze.  Declaring again that he wasn’t on the market, using his trademark pivoting action, the auctioneers dance; a cross between ballroom and boot scooting; he extracted another 7 bids, $2,700,000; he referred again.  I was sure this was it; he would return, declare the home on the market and see who was in and who was out; but no; he stated the home was close but not yet; asking for $25,000 rises he received 2 and at $2,750,000  “we’re selling”, 7 further bids, the last 2 in $25,000 lots and after 40 minutes; 3 referrals and 30 bids Andrew declared the property sold for $2,850,000.

I’ve seen 3 referrals be 2 too many, but he knew what he was doing and, in the end, secured a sale and secured $100,000 above reserve. The vendors can move on with confidence and the new owners have bought a piece of Red Hill Artistry that I’m sure they’ll love for many years to come.

There’s three outstanding premium opportunities for auction this coming weekend.

A photographic magician combined with a wizard of words cannot accurately communicate the aspects of this home.  Close to the summit of Arthurs Seat situated on a little over 4 acres, 368 Purves Road Main Ridge is one of those properties you tend to imagine rather than believe it could be a reality. Auction this Saturday May 19th @ 11:00AM –
Kay & Burton Flinders – Meg Pell 0403 161 105
More details

Freemans Road sits just a zephyr from the water; property here is tight, generational tight and always exceptional in quality.  Vicki Sayers from RT Edgar is opening this property for public auction on May 19th @ 11:30AM and its sure draw a huge crowd.  Coming off a recent stunning result for another beachside piece of Mount Eliza history on Kunyung road; those that missed that one will be in attendance for this one.
RT Edgar Vicki Sayers 0410 416 987
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Much of peninsula boast the coast-country lifestyle; however, Flinders is one of the few towns that really pulls it off.  Different in culture to its neighbours on the western side; Sorrento and Portsea, Flinders enjoys a stillness; a place where you can live peacefully all year round, in summer soak in the warmer atmosphere; and locals will tell you, winter is just as endearing.  The ambience of an open fire, the freshness of Westernport bay, the bare branches of deciduous tree lined streets and driveways creates a non-pretentious familiarity.  Weekend community footy with a few beers and a stroll home, local winter produce on the menu and the ruggedness of the open surf.  In town you stop for a casual chat and dogs on leads say a respectful hello. I had the opportunity to visit this property last week; simply stunning and if only I had the coin!!.

This beautiful Flinders landholding is up for public auction this
Sunday May 20th @ 11:30AM.
Kay & Burton Flinders Prue McLaughlin 0417 389 006
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Good levels of premium peninsula housing stock on the market.  You can see our top picks for May at the tiles below.  This weekends list of auctions will be available on Wednesday; feel free to check back and see what’s on offer in Victoria’s best region to live.  

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