19A Spindrift Avenue Flinders $1.4Million Above Reserve

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19A Spindrift Avenue Flinders $1.4Million Above Reserve

19A Spindrift Avenue Flinders
Reserve $4.2M

What is it about Sunday auctions bringing out the best?  Sunday has been a traditional auction day for the temple of Portsea and Sorrento and Flinders has joined in the chorus with some outstanding results.  March 11th was one such day, a nice day plenty of people about and RT Edgar Flinders offered up 19A Spindrift Avenue for competition.  A 3bedroom beach house right on the waters edge; it’s a unique property designed to fit into the landscape, embrace the views over Westernport Bay and can never be built out.  The design is special, rounded rooflines lined with timber and a maze of living, formal and casual rooms jutting here and there that all somehow connect like an abstract jigsaw and you finally get it.  Owned by a local family for over 15 years it is a true blue ribbon piece of Flinders real estate. 

Paul Armstrong from RT Edgar took position on the waterfront deck cleverly using the views behind him to take focus off the building and onto the heavenly sights to Philip Island; he cracked on for a while before asking for an offer and without anything forthcoming from the 50 or so punters gathered he began proceedings with a vendor bid of $4Million and asked for $20K rises. 

It was slow going without anything really happening and after a referral to the vendors and a request to get things moving; the home edged to $4.2Million when Paul called the home on the market.  Well didn’t that simple announcement change things; no longer was the bidding in $20K parcels we’ve jumped to $100K bids between 2 determined bidders.  Up she went $4.4M – $4.5M – $4.6M, within a matter of a few minutes and Paul scrambling to keep up with the increases the home was at $5.5M. $5.6M was the final bid before the underbidder pulled the pin.  On the market at $4.2M Sold for $5.6M; a tidy $1.4M extra in the pocket, tax free now that’s more spendthrift than spindrift and a result that left everybody speechless.  Why wouldn’t you take your home to auction? Beggars belief.

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