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1252 Nepean Highway Mount Eliza

If you didn’t know about the Auction; you could be forgiven for driving right passed this property on your way to Bunnings or Main Street Mornington. The only sign of anything happening was the Bowman and Company real estate flag supported by the best-looking car park attendants in Australia; dressed in their Armani suites using a twig to remove the horse shit from their finely polished Julius Marlow’s, pointing you left up the one-way dirt driveway, hedged on either side toward the homestead. Greeted again; this time by the feline members of the Bowman ensemble and directed into one of the horse paddocks now used as a make shift car park; dodging dressage equipment and a collection of Porsche Cayenne, BMWX5 and other horsey type modes of transport.

A crowd of around 50 assembled at the front of the house.  A beautiful house it must be said with huge floor to ceiling windows displaying the magical views across the property out to the Moorooduc plains. In specific parts, you felt as if you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, gazing over the hard-earned bounty of your work. Taking in the views through the colossal shards of glass was a little overwhelming, facing the east side the morning sun burning the sliver frost from the grass through a blanket of low hanging fog must be a sight to inspire the creative juices in the most barren of souls.   The views made the house work.  An expansive roofline but only three bedrooms the home had a reasonable floor plan and plenty of elements to enjoy, sure some wasted space areas and a little cold in places but taste is like pain; it’s a personal thing.

I’d visited the home at an open for inspection a few weeks earlier, my 15-year-old daughter with me; an honest personality who doesn’t mix her words and is a savvy judge of the market. The double story garage, with the teenagers hangout; caught her eye immediately and the potential for teenage gatherings began running through her mind. She loved the horses, the open space and the modern feel of the dwelling. “No pool and only 3 bedrooms; wouldn’t work for us dad” she said; and being 1 of 4 teenage children their minds are focused on bathrooms, number of bedrooms and who gets what; so, no this home would not work for our household and I was interested to explore who this home would fit. There were a number of families there at the same time, mostly with younger children; 2 in toe and those that had done their time; kids off their hands and were ready to settle into the peace that such a property would provide.

Auction day; June 17th was a cracker and the man upstairs had turned on plenty of sunshine, blue sky and one of those chilly air days where you’d love to put on your RM Williams boots and coat  and pretend you know your way around a farm. The audience was made up of the older set, only a handful of families and a few like me; there to watch out of interest. Robert had plenty of helpers on hand; I counted at least 6 staff but there may have been a few others mingling around. Well dressed, brochures and IPAD’s in hand; mixing and chatting to the crowd of on lookers.

The bell toned at 8 minutes past the scheduled auction time and the atmosphere grew a little tense which made me feel we might be in for a fight, one I hoped would eventuate; I do love an entertaining auction with multiple bidders slugging it out and forcing the auctioneer to keep up, produce more and grind out a win. I was mistaken, Robert called for an opening bid and $2.8Million came from the back of the crowd, a scruffy looking gent who could probably buy all of us out with the loose change in his glovebox, $2.9M came from a distinguished looking gentleman casually leaning on the large oak that adorned the front entrance; back came the scruff at $3M with a nod and raise of his whisker infused chin, $3.1M straight back at you and then nothing. Scruff was playing but not bidding, a Bowman representative marched to his position; standing toe to toe as if scolding the man to play with the other kids. He shook his head in a horizontal direction; and Robert referred the bid. No Sale.

Calling for one last effort; scruff obliged $3.15M; gentleman Joe came back $3.2M and that was it; the property was passed into the gentleman by the tree and the crowd dispersed. A text hit my phone ½ an hour later; property sold $3.35M. I cannot confirm as I am reading between the lines; but the reserve was closer to $3.5M; sometimes a bird in the hand is worth taking.

I picked my daughter up from her part time job later that day. “Did that house sell dad” she asked; “After auction $3.35M” I said; “Geez did that include the horses?”


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